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Brief biography

My wife and I were two kindergarten teachers when we met at a staff development day 24 years ago. I asked her for help with the new reading curriculum, and we've been together since, raising our two Mexican American children in the process. I went into administration, she remained in teaching, which may explain my gray hair. Currently, I am a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership for Social Justice program at CSU East Bay.

  • Husband of Claudia Peñaloza, Spanish-English Escondido Dual Immersion teacher for the past two decades

  • Parent of Matteo, Gunn High freshman, Fletcher alum

  • Parent of Anaís, Escondido Elementary and Terman Middle alum, current Yale junior

  • Principal, West Marin Elementary 2012-2018

  • Principal, Juana Briones Elementary, 2009-2012

  • Principal, Blackford Elementary, 2004-2009

  • Principal, Marshall Lane Elementary, 2002-2004

  • Teacher (TK, K, 1st & 2nd), 2018-2020, Bodega Bay Elementary

  • Bilingual Teacher, 1992-1999

  • Candidate for Marin County Superintendent of Schools, 2018

  • Candidate for Tamalpais Union High School District, 2015

  • Tennis Camp Instructor, Stanford Tennis Camps, 1989-1999

  • Education

    • Doctoral student, Educational Leadership for Social Justice, CSU East Bay, current

    • UC Riverside, M.A., 1997

    • UC Santa Cruz B.A., 1991

  • Journalist, 1983-1988

Brief biography of Matt: Bio
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